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This Study regarding Nearly Half a Million People Has Bad News For The Keto Diet

Scientists and doctors are find a methode to live long and healthy, a chip diet keep you fit in with out pills or surgery .
You should put plants in your digetive system and eat vegetables, grain and legumes, meet and milk sometimes, that diet will keep you in the ship . 

We should check what's we eat evevry single day . A cardiologist and nutrition researcher in boston who called ''Sara Seidelmann" she told  busines insider.

Sara was published a massive study of eating patterns about 447,000  people around the world .

She find that no matter where do you live or what you eat you can't be in a good physical health but mayby  it cause you some serious problems in the futur or sent you to the grave. A simple diet, eating two apples or 50 grs of carbs in a day , or you eat low carbs like paleo, akins there diets are to much hard to keep it in .

Keto diet is a rapid way to lose weight and using low carbs .
The keto can help to control your childs cause it chill .

On the contary some research said that keto diet doesn't help burn more fat in the body than a noumal regimen, but it's a good habits for your blood sugar  level and keep you safe from cancer .

Keto diet it's should not be done daily on full time, couse this low-carb help you to neglect essentiel foods like calcium, potassium and magnesium that can be in oats and bananas .

Fiber is also can help to protect aging brains from damage, eat fruits and crumchy peas .

Final edvice eat less junk 

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