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Family outraged over life-changing treatment going from free to $375,000 a year

A miracle happened in a clinic in Minnesota, Schuler a senior student at the mechanical enginering University of Tolsa, than he had a rare neuromuscular disorder or what's it call L.E.M.S, he feared he never walk again after a normal adolescence at high school in Overland Park, Kansas .

At university he slowly felt his lambes, 3 week later he getting worse and worse, straggled to walk he fall down at school, than he was in a wheelchair going to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with L.E.M.S .

Dr Ted a professor of neurology said : L.E.M.S s an immune disorder, that affects a canser in the brain, the  patient have  a paralysis and fatigue at muscles .

After 1h of takan a drug, called 3,4 diaminopyridine 3,4 DAP, he jumped of the table and start to run, his mother said that she never beleived at miracle but her son is really going better for sure. 

Jakobes a small  drugs company who create this médicent, but now, Catalyst show up with the exclusive rights of the prescription, catalyst s condected the clinic for using ther product, she win the case and increase the price from Free and it becam 375.000 dollars, cause the drug now is treat L.E.M.S, they search profite and ignoring the condition of the  family, his mother tell that she pay all her taxes, whay the insurance can't afword it, whay Catalys increase the price and her son have a part of this discovery, she havn't that much money so she went for a lawyer, the case is in the trial. 

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